Buy Cheap Saccharin From Qianyi Fine Chem

- Jun 15, 2018-

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We are Qianyi Fine Chem -- a major Sodium Saccharin Manufacturer in China. If you are interested in our price and payment information, just scan QR code to have a chat. 

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If you keep on reading, I'd like to give you a brief introduction of the production stages of Sodium Saccharin, the technology we use in Qianyi.

We use dozens of raw materials that we purchase from our strategic partners, to ensure a stable price and supply of stocks. The production process requires a high water consumption, and the treatment of used and waster water is a major concern of local government and environmental control agencies.

Facing strigent pollution control acts, we have installed our on-site wastewater treatment plant, to ensure fully compliance with all the water-related regulations, therefore a near-zero interuption of production.

Here is simple flowchart to show the stages of production. Nearly every stage, we need to deal with some waste water. Nevertheless, it is our work to manage the production processces and ensure a timely production and delivery to our clients.

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