Food Additive Saccharin Sodium

- May 29, 2018-

Standard number STANDARDNO:GB 4578-2008

Chinese standard name Standardtitle in Chinese: food additive saccharin Sodium

English Standard name: Food additive-sodium saccharin

Release date issuancedate:2008-12-3

Implementation Date Executedate:2009-6-1

First release date Firstissuance date:1984-7-13

Standard status Standardstate: current

Review Confirmation date Reviewaffirmance Date:

Program number Plan no:20063408-q-469

Substitute Country label REPLACEDSTANDARD:GB 4578-1984

Substituted country label Replacedstandard:

Abolition Time Revocatorydate:

Adopt International standard number adoptedinternational Standard No:

Adoptedinternational Standard Name of mining label:

Degree of adoption Applicationdegree:

Adopt International Standard Adoptedinternational Standard:

International Standard Classification Number (ICS): 67.220.20

China standard Classification Number (CCS): X42

Standard category Standardsort: Products

Standard Price Prices : Competent Department Governor: National Standardization Management Committee