How To Distinguish Saccharin Sodium

- May 29, 2018-

  Saccharin sodium is a commercially synthesized sweetener in the food industry, which is widely used in the food industry, and how to distinguish saccharin sodium when we choose.

      Saccharin Sodium

      1, take saccharin sodium about 0.3g, add water 5ml dissolved, add hydrochloric 1ml, that is, precipitation crystallization, filtration, precipitation water after washing, in 105 ℃ drying 2 hours, according to the law, the melting point of 226-230 ℃.

2, take saccharin sodium about 20mg, put in test tube, add resorcinol about 40mg, mix, add sulfuric acid 0.5ml, heat to show dark green, cool, add water 10ml with excessive sodium hydroxide test solution, that is, green fluorescence.

      Identification of saccharin sodium

      3, take saccharin sodium 1.0g, add water 10ml dissolved, to litmus show neutral or alkaline reaction, but in the case of phenolphthalein indicating liquid should not be marked red. In the choice of time should pay attention to the above matters, so that we choose the quality of sodium saccharin, in use to play the best role.