How To Distinguish Sodium Saccharin?

- Aug 01, 2018-

1. About 0.3g sodium saccharin was taken and dissolved by adding 5ml water, followed by 1ml dilute hydrochloric acid, which was used to precipitate the crystals.Precipitation filtration, washed with water, after 2 hours at 105 ℃ dry, determined in accordance with the law and melting point is 226-230 ℃.


2. Take sodium saccharin for about 20mg, put it in the test tube, add phenyldiphenol for about 40mg, mix it, add 0.5ml sulfuric acid, heat it over low heat until it is dark green, cool it, add 10ml water and excessive sodium hydroxide test solution, that is, green fluorescence.


3. Take sodium saccharin for 1.0g, add 10ml water and dissolve it, and show a neutral or alkaline reaction to litmus test paper;But the phenolphthalein indicator solution should not be red.

When choosing, we should pay attention to the above matters, so that we can choose sodium saccharin with guaranteed quality and play the best role in the use.