Identification Of Saccharin Sodium

- May 29, 2018-

Melting Point: The melting point of saccharin should be 226~230℃.

Solubility: The saccharin 1g dissolved in 30mL hot water and 35mL ethanol, these solutions should be colorless and transparent.

Benzoin acids and Salicylic acid: will be saccharin 0.5g dissolved in 15mL hot water, when the three ferric chloride test solution 3 drops, should not precipitate, not purplish purple.

Heavy metals: Take saccharin 1g, add ethanol 40mL, add dilute acetic acid 2mL and water to 50mL, when add sodium sulfide test Liquid 2 drops, its liquid color, should not be compared in ethanol 40mL, dilute acetic acid 2mL and lead standard solution 0.5mL Add water to 50mL, add sodium sulfide test liquid 2 drops of liquid color is thicker. Sulfuric acid color: Take saccharin 0.2g, add sulfuric acid 5mL dissolved, fully mixed, heating 10min in 48~50℃, solution color should not be more than color standard solution.