How To Judge The Quality Of Sodium Saccharin From Appearance

- Jun 26, 2018-

Looking for sodium saccharin suppliers can not be "just looking", but good sodium saccharin can be seen. Sodium saccharin containing crystal water can make large crystals of sodium saccharin with good transparency that reflects clean white light.

In the chemical formula of saccharin sodium, crystal water accounts for 16% of the total weight. Since sodium saccharin is exposed to air, there is some loss of water, and the water content in the international standards for sodium saccharin is about 14%-15%. The lower the water content of sodium saccharin, the higher the drying cost of the factory's production, and the lower the transparency, the easier it is to lose moisture. Sodium saccharin with excessive water loss, the outer edge and surfaces of the crystal turns white.

High-quality saccharin sodium, each crystal is a regular diamond shape, crystal particles of similar size, least debris, almost no impurities. The color is white, the transparency is very good, there is no yellow or white adhesion. It smells a little sweet. This is the observation and judgment we can make directly.