Knowledge Of Food Additives

- Aug 29, 2018-


In order to ensure proper use of food additives in food, generally, the following principles should be followed:

1. It has been proved by food toxicological safety evaluation that long-term use within the limit is safe for human.

2. It does not affect the sensory properties and physical and chemical indexes of the food itself, and does not damage the nutritional ingredients.

3. Food additives shall be used according to the hygiene standards and quality standards promulgated and approved by the ministry of health of the People's Republic of China.

4. There should be clear inspection methods in the application of food additives.

5. The use of food additives shall not be used for the purpose of covering up food spoilage or for adulteration, adulteration or forgery.

6. Food additives without hygiene license, product inspection qualification and contamination and deterioration shall not be sold or used.

7. Food additives can be damaged or eliminated through processing, cooking or storage after reaching a certain purpose, and it is safer not to ingest human body.