Northeast Major Saccharin Sodium Factory -- Fuxin Qianyi Fine Chemicals Participates In The 2018 CPhI-China Shanghai Exhibition

- Jun 26, 2018-

After years of hard work, CPhI China has become a display platform for excellent local pharmaceutical and food raw material companies, and its influence in the international market is increasing day by day. At the 17th session of the exhibition, Fuxin Qianyi Fine Chemicals also used this platform to march into the period of foreign trade, increasing the influence of its brands and products in the domestic and international markets, and gradually entered the ranks of international companies. Saccharin sodium products are widely used in the pharmaceutical chemical industry chain; it can be used as pharmaceutical accessories, daily chemical accessories, health supplements, food and feed sweeteners and so on. Saccharin sodium is a common inexpensive raw material, and its production and distribution channels have been finely coordinated.

The sales staff of Fuxin Qianyi Chemicals were fully satisfied during the threeday exhibition. The industry resources concentrated in the exhibition not only allowed Qianyi people to visit their clients, but also communicated face to face with both sentiment and sincerity. At the same time also met a lot of new traders, new friends. Qianyi people and a number of traders made indepth exchanges on the market trends and prices of products, to better meet customer needs in the future, and to prepare for the customer's business.

The organization efficiency of the CPhI-China Shanghai exhibition, the strength of the participating companies, and the professionalism and quantity of the visitors are all second to none in the industry, leaving a deep impression on Qianyi people. This will be the main platform for the "Northeastern Major Saccharin Sodium Factory" Qianyi Fine Chemicals to exchange products and services to the world.