Sodium Saccharin Product Dosage Standard

- Sep 04, 2018-


Properties and Uses of saccharin sodium:

This product is used for flavoring, diagnosis, and medication, measuring blood circulation time, also widely used in chemical pesticides, electroplating industry, cosmetics, tobacco and other industries. Packing: in bags, in barrels.

Dosage standard:

1. Gb2760-1996: pickles, compound seasonings, concentrated juice, beverage, preserved fruit, confectionery, confectionery, cold drinks, cakes, biscuits and bread (0.15g/kg, of which concentrated juice is added at 80% of concentration);Melon seeds, 1.2g/kg;Prune, orange peel, 5.0g/kg(may be mixed with other sweeteners as required).

2. FEMA(mg/kg) : soft drinks 72;Cold drink 150;Sweets 2100 ~ 2600;Baked goods 12.

3. The FDA, § 180.37 (1994): beverages, fruit juice, solid beverage, 12 mg / 28.41 ml of liquid.