Three Methods: To Identify Saccharin Sodium

- Aug 15, 2018-


(1) Take about 0.3g of saccharin sodium and dissolve it with 5ml water, add 1ml of dilute hydrochloric acid to form the crystal.Precipitation filtration, washed with water, after 2 hours at 105 ℃ dry, determined in accordance with the law 

(appendix Ⅵ C), melting point is 226 ~ 230 ℃.

(2) Take about 20mg of saccharin sodium, put it in a tube, add about 40mg of resorcinol, mix it, add 0.5ml of sulfuric acid, heat it with low heat until dark green, cool it, add 10ml water and excessive sodium hydroxide test solution, that is, show green fluorescence.

(3) The identification reaction of sodium salt in the residue of saccharin sodium after burning