What Are The Considerations When Using Saccharin Sodium?

- Aug 10, 2018-


1. Sodium saccharin is a kind of organic compound product, which is a food additive with high sweetness. Therefore, sodium saccharin is often used in food manufacturing, such as beverage, pastry, candy, etc.Because of its sweetness, saccharin sodium can be a bit bitter if used in a variety of flavors, and it is a bit bitter in itself, which we should pay special attention to when using it as a food additive.

2. Saccharin sodium can also be used as feed additive. We can put it into pig feed.

3. In the electroplating industry, we also use saccharin sodium. We mainly use it as a brightener and use it in a small amount.Saccharin sodium can improve the brightness and softness of electroplating, which requires us to use better quality saccharin sodium.