What Are The Applications Of Saccharin In Industry?

- Aug 06, 2018-


1. Sodium saccharin can mask the unpleasant aftertaste of other ingredients in toothpaste and give people a feeling of sweet. Saccharin has a high sweetness and can be evenly distributed in the toothpaste system.At the same time, due to the good stability of sodium saccharin, the PH temperature change is not obvious, and the long-term placement will not affect the sweetness, which can be well adapted to the longer shelf life of toothpaste.

2. In terms of electroplating, the synergistic effect of alkynine brighteners and sodium saccharin can optimize the nickel plating effect.The effect of sodium saccharin on the glossiness, leveling property and dispersion ability of nickel plating solution can be improved greatly.

3. During nickel plating, nanocrystalline nickel can be prepared by direct current deposition. If we add appropriate concentration of saccharin and increase current density, nanocrystalline nickel can be obtained, increasing saccharin concentration and current density, resulting in decreased grain size and hardness of nickel plating layer.