What Are The Characteristics And Order Of Saccharin Sodium

- Aug 22, 2018-


Characteristics of saccharin sodium: we call it soluble saccharin, it is the sodium salt of saccharin, with two crystal water, colorless crystal or slightly white crystalline powder, generally containing two crystal water, easy to lose crystal water and become anhydrous saccharin, white powder, odorless or slightly aromatic, thick sweet with bitter taste. It's about 500 times sweeter than sugar. Heat resistance and alkali resistance are weak. Under acidic conditions, the heating sweetness gradually disappears. When the solution is greater than 0.026%, the taste is bitter.

The specifications of saccharin sodium: 4-6 items, 5-8 items, 8-12 items, 8-16 items, 10-20 items, 20-40 items, 40-80 items and 80-100 items. When we use, we can choose the number of saccharin sodium according to different requirements.