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We are the sodium saccharin manufacturer, with 400 ton/ Month and Competitive Price, now we are looking for agents all over the world.

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Sodium Saccharin CAS number : 6155-57-3

Sodium Saccharin is an artificial sweetener with effectively no food energy that is about 300–500 times as sweet as sucrose, does not raise blood sugar levels and like all nonnutritive sweeteners has no calories. It can be widely use in food, feed, daily chemical and electroplating Industry.

Use of Sodium Saccharin

  • Food additives (confectionery, baked goods, cereals, chewing gum, jams, ketchup, coffee sweetener, nutrient supplement foods)

  • Personal care (toothpaste, mouth wash)

  • Low-calorie sweetener

  • Beverages

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Cosmetics

  • Electoplating solutions

  • Animal feed

Properties of Sodium Saccharin

Chemical Name:

Sodium O-Benzoic    Sulfimide

Molecule Expression


Molecule Weight:



White crystalline

Content Assay:


Water content ≤


Loss on    Drying


Acidity or    Alkalinity

Pass test

Benzoate    and Salicylate

No precipitation

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We are the sodium saccharin manufacturer, with 400 ton/ Month and Competitive Price, now we are looking for agents all over the world. If you are in the wholesale, retail industry of food additives, feed additives, daily chemical, medical intermediate, electroplating industry, please contact us now for the much more competitive price to start our corporation.

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What's The Difference Between Saccharin And Saccharin Sodium?

Saccharin is an artificial sweetener known as o-sulfonyl benzoyl imide. Commercially available saccharin is the sodium salt of saccharin. Because saccharin does not dissolve easily in water, it is used to make sodium salts. The sweetness of saccharin sodium is 300~500 times higher than that of sucrose, and the sweetness threshold is 0.00048%. The residue of sweet taste is long and slightly bitter, and it can be used with sugar and glucose to weaken the bitter taste to some extent. Saccharin sodium soluble in water, in water solubility with temperature, increase rapidly, with the rising of the solubility of 99.8% in 20 ℃. The acid solution of saccharin sodium, which decomposes gradually after a long period of heating to form sulfonamide benzoic acid, weakens the sweetness. The usage amount shall not exceed 0.15g/kg in the standard of use.Perhaps everyone is familiar with the name saccharin because we often hear that some illegal traders add saccharin to desserts.

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